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The Cultural and Environmental Study Center of the Amazon region – RIOTERRA is an OSCIP (Civil Society Organization of Public Interest), established in 1999, aiming to contribute to the creation of a critical society, aware of its socioeconomic and environmental context, capable of proposing a development model for the Amazon region that allies conservation and sustainability to the improvement of the local populations’ quality of life. This improvement should be accompanied by the appreciation of cultural differences, observation of regional needs and respect for the support capacity of natural resources.


“To defend the Amazon’s identity, add value to culture and the sustainable use of the environment and contribute to a just, democratic and participatory society.”


Rioterra collaborative study center programs

We need you. Are you important? During its 16 years, the CES Rioterra always carried out projects with the Brazilian government to develop its institutional mission. However, the world has changed. Today the connection is a reality and people around the world who are interested in climate change or the Amazon can help in some way to preserve this heritage despite being in the far reaches of the planet. Because we believe in this collaborative web we developed new programs aimed not only at financial support, but mainly the exchange of knowledge and ideas. Therefore we call them “Collaborative programs” because they go far beyond donating.


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The opinion, support and commitment of the people who participate in our projects are crucial to the continuity of our work. We cherish too, as are these statements, including criticisms and suggestions that allow us to improve our work.

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